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Boomerang: Driving instructionsUpdated 2 years ago

With the Boomerang powered on, you’re ready to “drive.” The throttle functions exactly like an RC car controller. Squeezing the trigger on the transmitter will cause the Boomerang to move uphillPushing forward on the transmitter’s trigger will cause the Boomerang to move downhill.

!! Warning !! The Boomerang can move at speeds exceeding 25MPH. The Boomerang is a heavy object moving at high speeds. Be careful that no one is positioned in the path of the Boomerang as it moves along the cable. You should never try to catch the Boomerang while it is in motion, stand in front of a moving Boomerang, or allow an untrained individual to operate the Boomerang. 

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to be careful to let off the throttle well before it arrives back at the top of your zip line. A good rule of thumb is to let off the throttle at least 40’ before you reach the top of your zip line, using the brake as needed to prevent high speed collisions. Operators should familiarize themselves with the stopping distance and practice stopping mid-cable before attempting a full return.

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