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Boomerang Installation and Use

Have questions about setting up your Boomerang or learning more about if the Boomerang is right for you? You're in the right place!

Boomerang Trolley product overview

Technical specifications:. In the box:. Overview video of the Boomerang Trolley return system.

Boomerang: Charging and swapping batteries

The Boomerang comes with two batteries and a charging unit. Expect to see around 60 returns on a single charge. NOTE: Estimate based on a 150’ Zip line. The Boomerang is designed to “return” on battery power after it’s been ridden down by a rider.Cha

Boomerang: How to power your Boomerang on and use the transmitter

Make sure your battery is fully charged and correctly inserted into the Boomerang’s battery housing. For more information on how to charge or install your battery, please see here. Step 1: Power on the transmitter FIRST, followed by the Boomerang. Yo

Boomerang: How to install on cable

To install the Boomerang on the zip line cable, separate the upper and lower halves of the trolley by removing the 3 large button head screws. Step 1: Place the upper half of the Boomerang on the top of the zip line cable. (Figure 1)Step 2: Starting

Boomerang: Drive wheel tuning

Once you’ve installed your Boomerang on the cable, turn your transmitter on, and power your Boomerang’s speed controller on. You’re ready to tune the drive wheel. Start by engaging the transmitter’s trigger forward function. You’ll notice that the dr

Boomerang: Driving instructions

With the Boomerang powered on, you’re ready to “drive.” The throttle functions exactly like an RC car controller. Squeezing the trigger on the transmitter will cause the Boomerang to move uphill. Pushing forward on the transmitter’s trigger will caus

Boomerang: Drive wheel swap

During the normal operation of the Boomerang, the drive wheel will develop a “groove” where the cable rests on the drive wheel. If the “groove” progresses to the point where you can no longer adequately tension the drive wheel, it’s time to replace y

Boomerang: Attaching a seat or harness

The Boomerang tie-in point allows for a variety of attachment methods and accessories. 1) Accessories can be attached directly to the Boomerang using a carabiner. The hour-glass shape of the tie-in spacer will keep loads centered on the trolley. 2) Y

Boomerang: Storage

While the Boomerang is constructed with weather-resistant parts, we do not recommend that you leave your Boomerang outside on your cable in between riding sessions. Store your Boomerang indoors while not in use. Other solutions include docking under