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Boomerang: How to install on cableUpdated 2 years ago

To install the Boomerang on the zip line cable, separate the upper and lower halves of the trolley by removing the 3 large button head screws.

Step 1: Place the upper half of the Boomerang on the top of the zip line cable. (Figure 1)Step 2: Starting at the front of the Boomerang, align the upper and lower halves of the Boomerang via the first bolt hole. Thread the bolt into the hole. Insert bolt but do not tighten. (Figure 1 & Figure 2)

Step 3: Thread the remaining two bolts into each hole. (Figure 2) 

Step 4: Using the included Allen wrench or an impact driver (highly recommended), tighten each of the three bolts.

!!WARNING!!: Double check that all three bolts are completely tightened before proceeding any further.

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