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Rerun: Attaching a counterweightUpdated 2 years ago


After installing the Rerun on the cable, release and unspool the webbing all the way (there should be no webbing left on the drum). The included double cam strap is used to attach your counterweight to the main webbing coming off the drum. First, set your counterweight on the ground (or platform), directly beneath the Rerun. 

One of the cams on the short strap is used to create a loop for securing the counterweight, and the second cam attaches to the strap coming off the lower drum. We recommend using a bucket of water to start with for ease of tuning; once the ideal weight has been found this can easily be converted to a more compact material or weighted object. The loop can be threaded through a bucket handle, the handles of water jugs, the center of barbell weights, etc. 


Once the cam strap loop has been secured to your counterweight, thread the end of the Rerun’s webbing into the second cam, and remove all slack. Excess webbing can be rolled up and secured with a zip tie. At this point, use only a few inches of water in the bucket (less than half a gallon). 

Note: Both cams should be threaded from the back, so that applied ten- sion tightens the cam against the webbing. Webbing installed from the wrong direction will slip out immediately when tension is applied. 

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