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Rerun Installation and Use

Learn more about the Rerun trolley return system, or browse the manual.

Rerun: Product overview video and installation example

While every installation is unique, we hope that this installation example video will help guide you as you begin your own Rerun installation. This chart will help you determine if you need to use the double back option when setting up your rerun. H1

Rerun: Mounting on cable

The Rerun mounting block should be attached at the upper end of the main zip line cable. To install, bend the halves apart to insert the cable along its inner groove. The rubber bumper should be facing down the zip line. The mounting block for the Re

Rerun: Attaching a counterweight

STEP 1. After installing the Rerun on the cable, release and unspool the webbing all the way (there should be no webbing left on the drum). The included double cam strap is used to attach your counterweight to the main webbing coming off the drum. Fi

Rerun: Attaching the return line

Before releasing the return line, turn the upper spool several times in the feed-out direction, until the counterweight has been lifted and suspended an inch or two off the ground. At this point you may remove the tape holding the return line in plac

Rerun: Testing and tuning counterweight travel

Step 1. With the return line attached, pull your trolley down the zip line to its furthest point on the cable. Attach a rope if necessary, but DO NOT RIDE the zip line for this test. You are testing to make sure the counterweight has sufficient room

Rerun: Troubleshooting notes

1. If the travel test determines the counterweight has insufficient travel (the cam contacts the drum before the return line can spool out completely) the Rerun may be reconfigured to use a larger counterweight that travels half the distance. The str

Rerun: Travel chart

This chart will help you determine if you need to use the double back option when setting up your rerun. H1 is your standard configuration. The H2 option listed in the chart uses the double back slider and pulley included in the box.