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Rerun: Testing and tuning counterweight travelUpdated 2 years ago

Step 1

With the return line attached, pull your trolley down the zip line to its furthest point on the cable. Attach a rope if necessary, but DO NOT RIDE the zip line for this test. You are testing to make sure the counterweight has sufficient room to travel vertically as you spool out the return line, without crashing the counterweight cam up into the drum. If the cam collides with the drum before the trolley has reached its furthest point of travel, you will need to reconfigure (see troubleshooting).

Step 2

After the counterweight travel has been tested, allow the trolley to settle and stop in the low point of the cable (typically about 3⁄4 of the way down the zip line). Your trolley should have the seat attached, or whatever gear will be returning with the trolley during normal operation. If the trolley is already being pulled back up by the counterweight, remove water from your counter- weight bucket until it can stay in place. From this point, slowly add water to the bucket, pausing when the trolley begins to travel back up the line. Add or remove weight as needed to adjust the speed of the return. Your installation is complete! 

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