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Rerun: Troubleshooting notesUpdated 2 years ago

1. If the travel test determines the counterweight has insufficient travel (the cam contacts the drum before the return line can spool out completely) the Rerun may be reconfigured to use a larger counterweight that travels half the distance. The strap may be doubled back to the Rerun frame using the double cam strap, hanging the counterweight in the loop created. This will cut the counterweight travel in half, but the weight will need to be doubled. 

2. On the flip side, if you are not using the maximum counterweight travel capacity of your Rerun, you can reduce the amount of weight needed by adding a few extra turns of the webbing onto the drum. Simply detach your bucket and feed the webbing over the drum a few more times before reat- taching. This will increase your counterweight travel so be sure to walk the trolley down the zip line to the furthest point of travel again. This process can greatly reduce the weight of water needed. 

3. If the belts slip or become loose during operation, tension can be restored by loosening the 1⁄4” bolt at the pivot point of the Rerun frame, then retightening while a second person (or even just the counterweight) pulls downward on the webbing drum. 

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